New tunes & remixes

We have five new tunes or remixes online right now.

1) A slick electro tune for B-boy cassanovas by DJ Vänlig. As usual is all of the tunes on free to use in any way:

2) A classic 70ies soul track fueled with black pride has been remashed into a techno-house banger by Jätten:

3) A sweet classic lounge tune by Zero 7 turned into a creepy and dubby trip hop track by Jätten.

Now with an even creapier video to it but with a (somehow) positive message. The message is that when something horrible is happening is it easy to wish that it never happend. But how long would we have to wish ourself backwards to get rid of all of the tragedies that has happend on this world? Back to the big bang? So even if we could turn back time would moving forward still be the only reasonable solution. Anyhow here is the video:


4) A musical illustration of the legend of Tristan and Isolde. Romantic yearning and imposibility made in a hardcore jungle format by Reggaecide:

5) Jätten participated with a realy rough and dirty acid track on this compilation(9 December):

Enjoy and please comment.

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