Reggaecide on new Bludclot compilation

Reggaecide made an unoficial  remix on the tune Evilyn by the swedish trashmetal band Entombed. The remix can be heard on the 26’th bludclot release. The mp3-compilation can be downloaded for free HERE. Some of the other artists on the release are: Tester, Unsoundbwoy and Nickynutz.

From the pressrelease:

“Junglecorps. What is it? A gathering of some of the finer names in underground and roughneck breakbeat music on one compilation, each delivering some of their toughest and most upfront material. This is not for the casual listener, the part time jungle lover, or the uninitiated. This is for the diehard, the truly rude and rough, the heads who like their jungle tough.”

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