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Jätten – ES2@120BPM

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Creative and DJ friendly music created on the Electribe Sampler 2.
All tracks have been performed at recent Liquid Sky parties in Umeå and tried out on a dancing audience (some of them where even created there on the spot).

The Album

The Mixtape

A Megamix of the tracks combined with a videomontage.
The concept for the video is a parallell universe in which Earth has a total female population and everyone works in advertising.

Erik Hegelunds debut on Basbotten

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Basbotten has the honor to present two new artists on this label. Erik Hegelund and the remixer Reclaim the Tant.

“Erik Hegelund lives in Stockholm. Have previously played with bands such as Subcomandante, Bingo and Saboteur. Längtans horisonter is his first track on Basbotten. The track has been remixed by Reclaim the tant from the scandinavian breakcore crew and Reggaecide. And finaly Erik went back to remake his track into this unique version for the EP. “

Post-African Repetition – New Techno EP with Jätten

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

The first EP in this series consists of Jättens Latin-influenced developments of Swedish Minimal Techno.

Get it for free HERE

Click HERE to check out the music videos for the release

In 1995 the avantgarde composer Stockhausen was asked by the magazine Wire to listen to tracks by techno and electronica producers like Aphex Twin and Plastikman. His harsh reviews became quite unintentionally humorous as he complained over what he called “post-African repetitions” and adviced the artists to listen to his own mid-nineteen century compositions.

Not much have changed since then as electronic music that doesnt adopt the musical conventions of either pop or avantgarde is still stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sweden that has a reputation of supporting their artists are a good example of that. The Swedish government founding of music is aimed at conventional art, folk and avantgarde music. All other types of music for example techno, punk or Skweee is supposed to be founded by the music industry (and to a lesser degree through study circles, a model that doesnt fit the electronic scene where most of the music is being made by individuals in their bedrooms). The result of that is that experimental musicians in Sweden today either have to look for an alternative source of income or adopt the nostalgic convetions of music founded by the pop-industry or the government.

We at Basbotten belives that the definitions of groundbreaking music is not up to date. The Post-African Repetitionism series is therefore aimed at moving ahead by doing the opposite of what Stockhausen suggests (hence the cover with the composer being put upside down) while neither adapt to the conventions of Pop. We don’t share the perspective that music that it is possible to dance to automatically is less developed (a perspective that comes to the surface in the paradox of terms like IDM) and we are not ashamed to be a part of a “so-called post-African” tradition of music.


Jätten & Fröken Lemur – The dead drummer EP

Sunday, September 16th, 2012


CLICK HERE to read a review of the release.

This is something as rare as an techno EP based on an 19th centuary gothic horror poem. Jätten worked on the EP for almost a year(starting 2011). The influences from swedish techno and latin music are frequent through the whole release even tough the musical emphasis differs between the tracks. The lyrics was performed by Fröken Lemur and was after that chopped up, modulated and distorted as a final touch to the tracks.

Promo mix: