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Wayne Lonesome Diss EP

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

The story this far:
Khago dissed sizzla, therefore Wayne Lonesome dissed Khago. When Wayne asked Reggaecide to remix the diss-tracks did he not have to think for long.

Basbotten are proud to present two brand new remixes with an vocalist who is not only a dancehall veteran but also a legend in the jungle/breakcore scene, where he has worked with and being remixed by artists like The bug, kid 606 and DJ rupture.

On this release is also an older remix on Wayne by reggaecide. downloadable for the first time. The song take no promises is not a diss against a particular person, instead it is lashing out against the general fuckeries by politicians and the consequences it has for the sufferahs of this world.

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